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Meet AGOA: the Aircraft Ground Operations Assistant

An all-in-one mobile solution to track operations and generate turnaround reports

An analytics platform to review performances and aggregate operational data

Empower ground agents and managers with digital technology to monitor operations in real-time while gathering meaningful insights on your operations


2 main interfaces:

Meet AGOA:
Aircraft Ground Operations Assistant

Today, ground agents and station managers use unadapted communication tools and outdated tracking solutions, resulting in inefficiencies and unproductiveness. But it is now over.

With the Aircraft Ground Operation Assistant (AGOA), it is easy to monitor the turnaround and to collaborate with all of the stakeholders.

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Turnaround monitoring and collaboration

How it works

Capture data in real-time


AGOA is accessible everywhere. It enables collection of data  and makes it available in real-time to all agents and managers.

Predictions & Alerts


Notifications are automatically triggered when an irregularity occurs, alerting the agents in charge



Agents can communicate with relevant stakeholders directly through AGOA, to enable immediate issue resolution

Performance Analytics


Analytics are calculated and displayed on our platform for managers to track performance. They are completely customizable


A collaboration solution with a unique source of data



Supervise operations

AGOA collects data related to the turnaround and makes it available in real-time to all agents and managers. Progress is tracked and operational visibility in ensured.

Communicate directly

If an issue arises, agents are notified automatically and can communicate easily with the handlers through AGOA, to make sure the issues is solved before it impacts On-Time Performance

Track performance

All collected data is analyzed and transformed into customizable metrics for managers. Performance reports are created and can be used to enforce Service Level Agreements.

Aerial view of airport. Airplane taxiing



Optimize Gate management

By tracking all operations, AGOA alerts when a plane will not be ready to push back on time, helping apron controllers to manage gates

Interact directly

Controllers have direct access to flight managers, and can request further informations. Communication is seamless, saving time for both sides

Improve fluidity

Through the reduction of delays and the increase of data sharing, predictability is improved. Airplanes leave on time, and taxiway congestion is reduced

Ground Handlers


Get operational visibility

Track all milestones linked to your operations in real-time, and know how your operations are running instantly. Issues will be identified automatically, enabling immediate resolution.

Reduce  manual work

Reduce time spent on calculating SLAs with a unique and unbiased source of truth. The rule engine is entirely and easily customizable, enabling you to adapt to the specificities of each of your client.


Timestamps that govern SLAs are tracked, and all bonuses/penalties are automatically calculated. Analytics and dashboards will show you the trends, and let you identify areas for improvements

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