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Take control over your ground operations.

All in one Turnaround Management Platform for your aircraft ground operations

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Flight monitored every years

Simple and powerful

Lack of visibility makes it hard to manage  operations and improve your performance

All in One solution for your ground ops

No need to swipe between systems : all of the information you need to manage your turnaround is available on the same interface

Available & connected with all  stakeholders

The platform can be used by airline staff but also ground handlers and airports, ensuring everyone has access to relevant information

Real time visibility for improved decision making

Operations are tracked live and notifications are automatically triggered to alert as soon as an issue occurs

Post-flight analysis and automatic reporting

Post-flight reports, along with KPIs and SLAs are automatically computed by the platform, leaving you time to identify bottlenecks and put in place data-driven action plans

Track your complex operations using the optimal solution

Ground operations are complex and involve simultaneous operations performed by different stakeholders. It remains highly inefficient today, with limited operational visibility, lack of accountability and data silos.

Our solution

Customisable analytics platform to follow KPIs & SLAs and take data driven decision

Track operation directly on the field

Customisable analytics platform to follow KPIs and SLAs and take data driven decision

Finally give your financial department an exact view of each turn's revenue/cost

Run regular safety and compliance audits directly on the device you use for turnaround management

Centralized monitoring with custom alert-rules to notify you as soon as a turnaround might be going off track

Log and management of all issues impacting a station to ensure smooth resolution

Access automatic data in your daily ground ops solution from day 1

We integrate with your tools free of charge
Who are you ?
You lack visibility on your operations worldwide?
Grounds Handlers
Your ground operations around the world remain a black box?
You are lacking data to manage the operations across your gates?
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You lack visibility on your operations worldwide?
Monitor Every Process on the Ground
Gain real-time insights into ground operations, ensuring every flight's progress is on your radar.
Leverage comprehensive data collection to keep your airline's operations streamlined and efficient.
Collaborate to solve issues as they arise
Empower your team with the ability to resolve operational challenges swiftly, maintaining peak performance.
Facilitate instant communication between agents and ground handlers to address issues as they arise.
Improve performance with Precision Analytics
Utilize advanced analytics to evaluate operational efficiency and identify areas for improvement.
Generate detailed performance reports to uphold and exceed Service Level Agreements, driving excellence in every flight.
Grounds Handlers
Your ground operations around the world remain a black box?
Achieve Unparalleled Operational Insight
Instantly access comprehensive insights into flight turnaround progress, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
Utilize AGOA's analytics to transform raw data into strategic insights, empowering your team to act decisively.
Streamline workforce efficiency and increase revenue
Reduce manual labor through automation, leaving agents to focus on strategic tasks, boosting productivity and satisfaction among your team.
Provide accurate and reliable data to your Accounting department, to ensure all additional services are properly invoiced
Maximize SLA Performance with Precision Analytics
Automatically track and analyze SLA-related metrics to maintain high standards of service.
Use AGOA's detailed analytics to uncover trends and optimize processes for enhanced SLA performance.
You are lacking data to manage the operations across your gates?
Optimize Gate Assignments with Precision
Streamline gate assignments by leveraging real-time operational insights, ensuring optimal utilization of airport resources.
Enhance turnaround efficiency with dynamic gate management, reducing delays and improving passenger satisfaction.
Empower Decisions with Data Access
Harness the power of real-time data to make informed decisions swiftly, keeping operations ahead of schedule
Utilize analytics to anticipate operational challenges and adapt strategies, ensuring seamless airport operations.
Elevate Airport Operations Fluidity
Reduce congestion by implementing data-driven strategies for timely departures and arrivals, promoting smoother operations.
Foster collaborative communication between flight managers and controllers for rapid issue resolution, enhancing operational harmony.

How climb aboard with AGOA

Seamless implementation

Set up the solution easily

  • Easily customize the solution to track relevant processes.
  • Ensure operational targets align with global objectives and local SLAs.
  • Tailor settings based on airline, aircraft type, airport, and flight origin/destination.
  • Manage users and choose recipients for post-flight reports.
  • Maintain autonomy to make adjustments without external assistance.

Manage your operations in real-time

  • Agents can collect live operation data for real-time updates.
  • Access information from automatic systems or colleagues for streamlined turnaround management.
  • Collaborate seamlessly throughout operations for a comprehensive view and receive alerts for prompt issue resolution.
  • Easily send turnaround reports directly from the app at the end of the flight.
  • Using our Web and Control Center View, off-site agents can stay informed and make swift decisions.

Track performance and optimise your operations

  • Track operational performance to task level for unique insights.
  • Customize KPIs and analysis to suit your needs.
  • Identify bottlenecks, implement action plans, and monitor results.
  • Discover trends and best practices across your organization.
  • Customize SLAs for daily tracking

Make data accessible accross your organisation

Numerous departments within your organization urgently require accurate, relevant, real-time information regarding ground operations.

Once the platform is implemented and integrated into daily operations, leverage our additional services:

  • Control Center Interface : Provides real-time visibility and customizable alerts for dispatch, OCC, or ramp tower personnel.
  • Invoicing Interface : Grants finance department access to ensure accurate data, preventing revenue loss or overbilling.
  • Compliance and Safety Audits : Ensures safety departments adequately perform regular audits on ground operations.

Already deployed in 200+ Airports

"The analytics dashboards from AGOA provide clear, actionable insights, facilitating efficient monitoring and decision-making. Their user-friendly interface simplifies data analysis, enabling continuous improvement day after day, making it an essential tool for operational management."
"The implementation of AGOA has significantly streamlined our workflow. The intuitive design and powerful analytics have given us a competitive edge, allowing for more informed decision-making and faster turnaround times. Tarmac Technologies has truly delivered an outstanding tool." 
"AGOA by Tarmac Technologies has revolutionized the way we handle ground operations. The seamless integration of this software has enabled our team to access crucial flight data in real-time, leading to unprecedented efficiency and responsiveness. It's a game-changer for our industry."
"We've seen remarkable improvements in our ground handling services since adopting AGOA. The digital flight dossiers provide our team with instant, actionable insights, making every operation smoother and more reliable. Tarmac Technologies has set a new standard with AGOA."
"The partnership with Tarmac Technologies and the implementation of AGOA has transformed our approach to ground handling and coordination with headquarters. The platform's real-time operational insights have led to significant improvements in our service delivery and operational transparency. AGOA is a cornerstone of our success in achieving operational excellence"
"Tarmac Technologies' AGOA has been instrumental in enhancing our operational capabilities. The detailed, real-time data AGOA provides has allowed us to optimize resource allocation and improve service quality. It's not just software; it's an essential asset for our operations."

Never be surprised again to be “on time”

"The faster on the ground, the sooner in the air"