Elevate Your Airport Ground Operations to New Heights

Discover how AGOA transforms the airport experience with unparalleled operational efficiency. Our cutting-edge solution empowers airports to streamline gate management, enhance communication, and boost overall fluidity. Say goodbye to gate hold and welcome a new era of seamless air travel.
Our Goals

Transforming Airport Operations

Our aim is to revolutionize the efficiency of ground operations, ensuring every flight departs on time through seamless coordination and real-time data integration.

Our Vision

A Future of Flawless Air Travel

We envision airports as hubs of punctuality and efficiency, where every stakeholder collaborates within a shared ecosystem to minimize delays and maximize satisfaction.


AGOA transforms airport operations by integrating real-time data tracking and seamless communication channels. It empowers airports to anticipate gate changes efficiently and enhances collaboration among all stakeholders, ensuring smooth and timely ground operations.

Supervise Gate Operation

Efficient Gate Management for Streamlined Airport Operations

Maximize the use of every gate and minimize delays. Our system provides real-time data, enabling you to make informed decisions swiftly. This proactive approach ensures optimal gate utilization, reducing congestion and enhancing overall airport efficiency.

Experience up to 30% improvement in gate management efficiency.

Enhance Decision Making

Make Informed Decisions with Real-Time Data

With AGOA, break down the barriers and instantly connect with ground handlers, enabling everyone to have the same view of the operations to enhance operational resilience. The system’s integration capabilities ensures access to the most accurate automatic data, wherever it may come from (AODB, handler system, iOT, smart cameras...)

Integrated to systems operating in 100+ airports around the world.

Improve Airfield Fluidity

Seamless Flow of Air Traffic with Improved Fluidity

Our solution focuses on improving the fluidity of air traffic. By reducing delays and enhancing data sharing, AGOA ensures that airplanes depart on schedule, minimizing taxiway congestion and improving overall airport throughput.

Reduce ground delays by up to 20%, enhancing the fluidity of air traffic and improving passenger satisfaction.

Frequestly Asked

Don’t worry, there are still a lot of things to be said about our Turnaround Management Platform.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fully customise the system to my airline specific needs ?

Indeed, the system is completely customisable for you to choose what you want to track for each station and aircraft type.

You are fully in control and autonomous

Do I need to have an agent that is solely tracking processes ?

No, we replace rather than add. Chance is, you already have people responsible for every aspect of your operations.

They are usually reporting their work today on paper or in an excel: our solution enables them to do it digitally without adding any work load. You gain real-time visibility as well as reporting automation, ensuring buy it from the agents.

How can I ensure my handler will agree to using the system ?

As you are only replacing an existing process, you are not adding any extra workload.

Moreover, if your handler is already using a solution, we will be able to integrate to it to ensure automatic feed. We are deployed in over 200+ airports, working with all handlers, big or small. We have always been able to make it work.

Do you provide the hardware ?

Our solution is available on iOS and Android, both on Smartphones and Tablets.

We do not provide any device for your agents, however, they are able to use existing device they might already be using (digital LDS, mobile DCS...)

Never be surprised again to be “on time”

"The faster on the ground, the sooner in the air"