Sky-High Efficiency for Airlines : Elevate Your Ground Operations!

Discover the future of airline ground operations with AGOA, your ultimate turnaround management platform. Customise fully to your needs, streamline your processes, enhance real-time collaboration, and soar above operational challenges. AGOA gives you the visibility you need to react to any challenges before it impacts your operations, ensuring your flights are always on schedule and your operations, seamless.
Our Goals

Giving you control over your aircraft turnarounds!

Our goal is to revolutionize the efficiency of airline ground operations. By harnessing real-time data and analytics, we aim to streamline processes, reduce delays, and enhance overall operational agility.

Our Vision

Redefining aircraft ground operations : a new era of Collaboration

We envision a future where your will no longer be kept in the dark. Through innovative technology, data exchange and collaborative tools, our vision is to set new standards in operational excellence, ensuring every flight is a step towards a more connected world.


AGOA revolutionizes airline ground operations with its real-time data tracking, data integration and direct collaboration. It empowers airlines to swiftly address issues, enhancing operational efficiency and adherence to Service Level Agreements through tailored performance analytics.

Enhance Operational Oversight

Take Control of Every Turnaround

Maximize your operational efficiency with real-time data and insights. AGOA can be customised to fit any type of operations. It gives you the power to monitor every aspect of your ground operations, ensuring nothing is left to chance. Perfect for airlines aiming to streamline their processes and boost on-time performance

Reduce operational delays by up to 15%, ensuring a smoother, more reliable service for your passengers.

Consolidate Data Capture

Collaborate with your Partners

With AGOA, break down the barriers and instantly connect with ground handlers, enabling everyone to have the same view of the operations to enhance operational resilience. The system’s integration capabilities ensures access to the most accurate automatic data, wherever it may come from (AODB, handler system, iOT, smart cameras...)

Integrated to systems operating in 100+ airports around the world.

Monitor and Analyze with Precision

Unlock Insights to Increase Performance

Leverage AGOA's advanced analytics to track your performance metrics across your network, evaluate operational efficiency and identify areas for improvement. Empower your local managers by giving access to relevant and personalised dashboard, to create a data-driven culture

Achieve up to 20 minutes in minimum turnaround time reduction , directly impacting network profitability.

Optimize Contracts & Service Level Agreements

Negotiate with Confidence and Clarity

Empower your negotiations with data-driven insights. AGOA sheds light on previously opaque areas of providers’ performance and SLA compliance, giving you a competitive edge in contract negotiation. As a result, save on costs and optimize bonus structures effectively.

Finally get what you are paying for, and get back in contract value in case of non-compliance.

Frequestly Asked

Don’t worry, there are still a lot of things to be said about our Turnaround Management Platform.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fully customise the system to my airline specific needs ?

Indeed, the system is completely customisable for you to choose what you want to track for each station and aircraft type.

You are fully in control and autonomous

Do I need to have an agent that is solely tracking processes ?

No, we replace rather than add. Chance is, you already have people responsible for every aspect of your operations.

They are usually reporting their work today on paper or in an excel: our solution enables them to do it digitally without adding any work load. You gain real-time visibility as well as reporting automation, ensuring buy it from the agents.

How can I ensure my handler will agree to using the system ?

As you are only replacing an existing process, you are not adding any extra workload.

Moreover, if your handler is already using a solution, we will be able to integrate to it to ensure automatic feed. We are deployed in over 200+ airports, working with all handlers, big or small. We have always been able to make it work.

Do you provide the hardware ?

Our solution is available on iOS and Android, both on Smartphones and Tablets.

We do not provide any device for your agents, however, they are able to use existing device they might already be using (digital LDS, mobile DCS...)

Never be surprised again to be “on time”

"The faster on the ground, the sooner in the air"