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At Tarmac Technologies, we are on a mission to empower agents and managers locally with new technology to facilitate their work and achieve high quality operations

They are coming with us:

Our Aircraft Ground Operation Assistant solution (AGOA) is currently deployed all over the world, used by with major airlines and multiple handlers.

We are supported by some of the most prestigious experts in the world


  • HEC Incubateur

  • Plug And Play


  • Ecole Polytechnique

  • Station F

  • HPE

Since our beginnings we have been distinguished by several awards:

  • Blue Ocean Awards

  • Future 40

  • Safran Gerondeau

  • AWS Finalist

  • Elevating Founders

Our History

Created by a team of aviation enthusiasts, Tarmac Technologies started because of a simple yet startling observation: ground operations remain poorly digitized and highly inefficient today. While the passenger’s journey has been greatly improved through the use of technology in the last few years, the operational side is underserved, still relying on outdated and un-adapted systems. The lack of appropriate solutions results in increasing delays, longer turnaround time for aircrafts and untapped capacity for airports.


At Tarmac Technologies, we are on a mission to enable seamless aircraft ground operations, in order to improve performance, quality and safety. AGOA brings all stakeholders together to monitor operations, increase data sharing and improve collaboration.

Created in 2019, our team brings together skillful engineers and passionate experts, and is advised by ground operations specialists, spread between our offices in San Francisco, Boston and Paris.



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