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AGOA Mobile Ground Ops Solution

With our Mobile Ground Ops Solution, all relevant turnaround information is accessible in real-time by your ground teams. It seamlessly integrates to their workflow, and the data recorded is used for report automation.

You want to be the first one using AGOA in your company? Try it in your station today!

Real time information

The AGOA mobile application is accessible on any device: iOS and Android, Tablets and Smartphones. All agents can track tasks and record information necessary to the turnaround, including sending messages and taking pictures. As soon as an information is filled in, it becomes available for the users working on the same flight, ensuring everyone has the same view on the operations.

The AGOA mobile application helps agents complete their missions on time: notifications are automatically triggered when irregularities (task late…) occur. The agents can focus on the issue and solve it before it impacts on-time performance.

Proactive solution

Automate reporting

Forget triple data entry: all the information completed live during the turnaround is automatically visible in your flight report. Once the plane leaves, it only takes a few seconds to send it. All of the data will then directly feed your analytics dashboards.

All information pertaining to the turnaround is gathered in AGOA, ensuring a full digitalization of the process. Data (timings, comments, pictures….) are organized and stored for over a year and can be easily accessed by a manager to understand what happened on a specific flight.

Unique application for your ground information

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