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AGOA [Performance & Safety] Analytics Solution

Our Analytics platform uses data collected from the mobile solution to provide an unbiased and aggregated view of your operations. Managers use it to improve their operational performance, quality, and safety, as well as discuss with their partners.

You want to be the first one using AGOA in your company? Try it in your station today!

Understand performance, quality, and safety at every level

By analyzing data collected from the mobile application, the AGOA analytics platform gives managers an accurate view of the teams’ performances and compare it at the regional or central level. Bottlenecks or best practices can be easily identified, and genuine reasons for delays studied

Once improvement areas have been identified, managers can easily put in place action plans and process improvement to rectify issues. Those measures are then tracked with the Analytics solution to ensure effectiveness

Put in place in place data-driven action plans

Streamline any inquiries

Stop wasting time to gather and compute data to answer a question from another department or a third party: the information is already there, and you will have the answers to any questions in a few clicks.

By shifting from an qualitative to a quantitative discussion with your partners, you lift any objections on the performance itself. Time is then spent on finding meaningful and beneficial ways to improve that performance.

Build fact-based relationships with your partners

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Meet AGOA users

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